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We are market-focused and look for entrepreneurs who can show product-market fit to solve these big pain points. We love to work with entrepreneurs who are driven not just to disrupt but to also create value for the customers; not just use cutting-edge technology but also focus on superior design; not just think disruption but think big, really big.

Meet the Team

Safa Rashtchy
Managing Partner

Safa is the founder and Managing Partner of Think + Ventures with over 16 years of experience as a Silicon Valley investor, advisor, and board member. He has invested in more than 60 companies with a focus on market-driven investments and consumer value proposition. Prior to founding Think + Ventures, Safa worked for 10 years on Wall Street as a top-ranked analyst, covering the technology and internet sectors.

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Pourya Moradi

Pourya is a critical member of the Think + Ventures team responsible for sourcing and analyzing investment opportunities and researching new sectors. With a unique blend of experiences, Pourya is known for his scrappy, analytical, and creative approach to problem-solving, and has published several research and thought pieces on the firm's focus sector.

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Paul (Prabhat) Arora

Paul (Prabhat) has been an analyst with Think + Ventures since 2017, with over 15 years of experience covering various sectors. He provides valuable market and competitive information to the company and its portfolio companies, with a focus on Brazil, India, and Europe.

Cameron Bahar
Venture Partner

Cameron is a Venture Partner at Think +, covering enterprise SaaS, Cloud applications, AI, and deep tech sectors for the fund. He is currently a Senior Vice President of IaaS, Storage, and Data Management at Oracle Corp and has held various other C-level positions in major tech companies in Silicon Valley, including Veritas Technologies and Huawei Corp.

Eric Benhamou
Venture Advisor

Member, Investment Advisory Committee Eric is the founding partner of Benhamou Global Ventures, a global venture firm with investments and offices in the U.S., Europe, Israel, and India. Eric created BGV after nearly 30 years of building and running technology companies such as Palm, 3Co, and Cypress Semiconductors.

Eric Chen
Venture Advisor

Member, Investment Advisory Committee Eric is an advisor to Think + and is also a member of the Advisory Committee. Eric is the founding partner of Ovo Fund (seed investor in Wish, Addepar, Payjoy, Signifyd, etc.). Eric was also a Partner at WI Harper for nine years and was the co-founder of TinyPrints (acquired by Shutterfly).


Tim Reynders
Venture Advisor

Tim is the Founder and Managing Partner of AidenLair Capital and serves on the board of Farmstead, InfinStor, and Kobai Inc. He was formerly the Founder of Protelo Group, Inc. and Terreo (Acquired by Verifone).

Narges Baniasadi
Venture Partner

Narges is an adjunct professor at Stanford University and the founder of the Emergence Program at Stanford, an initiative to develop educational programs and entrepreneurship to improve people's and the planet's health. Narges is also on the Leadership Circle of MIT’s Solve program and is an advisor and board member at various startups. Narges was the co-founder and CEO of Bina Technologies (acquired by Roche).

Ali Kashani, Ph.D.
Venture Partner

Ali is the co-founder and CEO of Serve Robotics and was the head of Robotics at Uber. In 2017 Ali founded Lox inc which was subsequently acquired by Postmates. Ali is a leading authority on Robotics and a frequent speaker at major technology conferences.

Dr. Chettipally, MD
Venture Advisor

Dr, Chettipallu is a Venture Advisor to Think + with a focus on Digital Health companies. Uli is the founder of Sirica Therapeutics and has been a leading medical advisor with Kaiser Permanente, Anthem and others, as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UC San Francisco. Uli was a practicing physician for 18 years and is the founder and president of Innovate MD.

Vik Mehta
Venture Advisor

Vik is a portfolio manager at J. Goldman & Co and has been a leading investor in the technology and internet sector n Wall Street for the past 27 years. Vik has been an early public investor in companies Tesla, Google, Alibaba, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

We keep our eyes on the market and continuously hunt for the biggest market pain points.  We research, survey, and analyze the markets, the technologies, and the economy and publish thought pieces that show the path for great entrepreneurs to build game-changing companies.

We focus on supporting our portfolio companies first to reach their milestones for their next round of funding and simultaneously keeping their eye on achieving their long-term vision.  This often involves helping with strategic guidance, introductions to partners, investors, and board members, helping with financial planning, market research, and product positioning.

We start at the seed stage, usually post an MVP, and fund companies up to Series A.  We focus on a range of industries and sectors that we have identified as part of our market and macro analysis.  We are a thesis based, not a theme-based, venture firm, and we follow our thesis rather than the existing hot trends.

Currently, we have an emphasis on the following sectors:

 Supply chain, logistics, and delivery
• Applications of AI and LLM
• Automation and robotics platforms
• SMB optimization and productivity
• Healthcare/ Digital Health
• Defense and cyber-security
• Inclusion platforms

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

Our average initial check size varies based on the stage of the company, but it usually ranges from $200K – $500K. We also reserve some capital for follow-on investments in our portfolio companies.

Send us a short blurb on what market pain point you are solving, how you are solving it, and what is your competitive advantage to: