Aug 6, 2021
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The New Digital Transformation of the Enterprise

The Post-CVOID megatrends we outlined late last year are unfolding rapidly with special acceleration in the enterprise segment. The drive to increase automation, increase productivity, and reduce labor needs was a major tailwind behind the already developing AI-driven enterprise operations.


In a recent interview with our friend and respected venture capitalist Eric Benhamou of Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV), we explored how this new trend, which Eric calls Enterprise 4.0, is fundamentally different in its vertical nature and how it is replacing, not just improving, the traditional operations. Eric explains that this digital transformation relies on:

    1. Cloud-native system

    2. New data sets enhanced by sensors and IoT devices

    3. Machine learning and other AI technologies

    4. Full solutions-oriented models rather than components

    5. Sales process bypassing the IT departments, selling to C-suite

Eric explains that AI is a critical component of Enterprise 4.0 but it is only one component. A more critical factor is the production focus of these solutions that aim to transform industries, from insure-tech to digital health and prop-tech. Eric provides a fascinating example of Everest Labs which combines computer vision, AI, and digital sensors to provide a new solution in waste management and sorting trash into recyclable items, allowing a significantly higher output. This new approach to enterprise solutions will gradually reshape industries such as food, where companies like Blendid (a Think + BGV investment) are creating a completely new model of food preparation and delivery. Other industries that are ripe for massive innovation include data-rich sectors such as health care, mobility, logistics, and construction. We encourage you to watch this short interview with Eric Benhamou.

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